Who would benefit in a
Sacred Rapèh ceremony
People who want to get out of an emotional impasse
People who want to increase their focus and concentration
People who want to activate their immune system

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Who would benefit in
a Sacred Rapèh ceremony?
✓ People who want to get out of the emotional impasse

✓ People who want to increase focus and concentration

✓ People who want to activate the immune system

My name sounds like "Ha-PE" but they also call me Rapéh. I am originally from South America. I am the energy and consciousness embodied in the powder of medicinal plants, trees, leaves and seeds from the forests of the Amazon, and many tribes from generation to generation pass on knowledge about me.

My qualities are balance, grounding, cleansing and sharpness, I break through your energy blocks and mental obstacles to help you channel your energy from within your core into the universe to benefit yourself and the world.


With a sharp inhalation of me into your nostrils, I will remove your thoughts and help you concentrate your mind. I help you dive deeper into your emotions and set in motion what seemed to be stuck, rebooting your energy system.

The initial effect will be like a strong and quick blow that will give you a release from your constraints. It will not be easy, but for those who are strong in spirit, it will bring liberation. Most likely, tears will roll down your cheeks. The tension will be released and then your muscles can relax completely and you will feel calm and focused. Your breathing will become deep and even, you will feel like you can withstand any storm. I do not give you psychodelic and hallucinogenic visions, this is not what I am meant for, but I speak with images and sensations.


Leaving you with the sensation of an intense energetic massage, I will transport you back to your body. The healing plant spirits that enter me give you roots that connect you to the center of the earth while opening your third eye to give you a vision. In a short period of 15 to 45 minutes, I will help you clean up the mess on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Sometimes I can cause different forms of cleansing: runny nose, vomiting, sweat and excess saliva. This happens when I take out toxins and heavy energy which is stuck from your body that do not need to be there.

I exist in different forms and vibrations, I can be masculine or feminine, it depends on the plants that are within me. Each version of me will lead you into your inner worlds to help you regain your answers and strength. Use me to explore and understand the results of your actions and connect with your inner wisdom.

Thank you for getting to know me. Stay in the flow. Sincerely.

Rapéh - Spirit teacher. works deep within body,
mind and spirit, collecting negativity inside,
to remove it from your body and mind

Ceremony Facilitator

Chigrina Maria

Holistic Master
Trauma Integration Facilitator
Family constellation Facilitator
No Duality Practicioner


I am here to help you remember what strength and wisdom you already have.

I will not answer your questions or give you advice, but I will give you the tools to help you find the answers within you.

I will not do your job for you, but I will be with you and support you with love in the experience that you need to go through.

I believe the more conscious, happy and healthy people, the better life on our planet.

Rapèh - helps to reboot your mental and energy systems and equalize your state, letting go of trauma and negative experiences

Most of modern psychotherapeutic practices and techniques have come to modern psychology from shamanism. This fact is well understood in systemic constellations, or in the Polynesian shamanic practice of Ho'oponopono. The study of shamanism became for me a logical continuation of my path, since the most effective methods of helping people in difficult situations are always a priority for me. For me, the Rapéh
ceremony is a sacred practice of connecting with one's essence, which helps to get you out of an emotional deadlock in a short time.

Rapéh is a shamanic medicine, a powder made from crushed tobacco and herbal ash. The birthplace of the Rapéh is Brazil, although at the moment the Rapéh
ceremony is practiced all over the world. The classic Rapéh is made from the ceremonial tobacco Nicotiana rustica, also known in South America as Mapacho, which contains 9 times more nicotine than Nicotiana tabacum, which is widely cultivated in the Western world and used in cigarettes.

Tobacco has always been a sacred plant with incredibly powerful and beneficial effects on the human body, mind and spirit. The tribes of the Amazon have used tobacco for ritual and medicinal purposes for over 6,000 years and rarely used it for smoking. Unfortunately, this plant has been mass produced, synthesized and combined with harmful chemicals to create cigarettes, which often creates a misunderstanding of the true properties of the plant.

Rapéh ceremony effect

Clears the mind
The internal dialogue stops, the mind becomes calm.
Getting rid of toxins
Rapéh is a catalyst for the body's natural self-cleaning abilities.
Synchronizes the left and right hemispheres
Balances the hemispheres of the brain, balances the masculine and feminine.
Eliminates negative conditions
Helps to remove anxiety, depressive states, removes heavy energy confusing consciousness.
Connect with the Higher Self
During the ceremony, there is a connection with the voice of your soul and you can get answers to important questions for you.
Long-lasting effect
After the ceremony, concentration and clarity of mind increase, which remains for a long time.

Cooking Rapéh

To prepare Rapéh, first fresh tobacco leaves are dried in the sun and crushed, then mixed with the ashes of other medicinal plants and crushed in a special mortar to a powder. After mixing, the resulting mixture is sieved through a fine mesh. The remaining pieces are again sent to the mortar and ground. Each plant has its own vibration and works with specific tasks. For example Bobinsana helps open the heart, Parica clears negative energy, Jarina helps to connect with the higher self and is ideal for deep meditation. There are many varieties of rapé, each tribe has its own unique recipes. At the ceremony, I individually select the type of Rapéh according to your request for the most profound effect.

Intention and process

Everything in the world starts with an idea - an intention. Before the ceremony, it is important to know what you want to change in yourself, what to say goodbye to and what qualities you would like to develop. I recommend preparing your request in advance. At the ceremony itself, Rapéh is alternately blown into both nostrils using a special tube: Tepi. The first time the effect can be shocking, and this is absolutely normal, since the blow of air abruptly shifts the focus of attention to the body. The effect of irritation can last a couple of minutes and is followed by a state of relaxation. Sometimes during the ceremony, cleansing occurs through active salivation, tears or even vomiting. The more clogged the body and mind, the stronger the cleansing will be.
Each "blowing" is symbolic. "Blowing" into the left nostril symbolizes death or what a person would like to let go, and "blowing" into the right nostril symbolizes rebirth or what he would like to let into his life. By the end of the ceremony, the mind becomes crystal clear and this state of calmness is maintained for a long time.

Medical side

Medically speaking, Rapéh clears bacteria and mucus from the sinuses, helping in the treatment of respiratory ailments and improving nasal breathing. Breathing through the nose is the most optimal way to breathe. First, nasal breathing helps us fight infections. Secondly, it provides better blood flow to the lungs. Third, nasal breathing helps maintain body temperature. Fourth, breathing through the nose helps improve brain function. The hypothalamus is responsible for many functions in our body, especially those that we consider automatic: heartbeat, maintaining blood pressure, feeling thirsty and hungry, sleep and wakefulness cycles.
The hypothalamus is also responsible for the production of chemicals that affect memory and emotions. Increased airflow through the right nostril is associated with increased left brain activity and improved verbal function, while increased airflow through the left nostril is associated with increased right brain activity and improved spatial performance. Rapéh helps to clear the sinuses and breathe properly.
Rapéh - the healing power of plants, giving lessons and understanding at the level of spirit, mind and body, for those who strive to develop their best qualities.
It is very important to treat this with due respect and use it only when you really need it.
Ceremony Requirements
To get the most out of your ceremony, it is important to follow these steps:
Try to give up meat dishes within 3 days of the ceremony, as well as fast food.
Pure consciousness
The use of alcohol and other drugs is strictly prohibited 3 days before and after the ceremony.
Refrain from sex
It is recommended to abstain from sex as during sex we exchange energy and spend it. You need your energy for the ceremony.
Menstrual period
Women are advised to abstain from the ceremony during their menstrual period.
It is categorically impossible for pregnant women to undergo the ceremony.

Is Rapéh legal?

All types of Rapéh that I use contain only legal plants and their products

Private ceremony cost 80

Group ceremony cost 50 (Maximum 10 people per group)
Υοu can pay cash or use Revolut, Quick pay or Pay pall service.


Is it necessary to have a clear intention for the ceremony?
Yes, intention is a strong factor in the quality and depth of the ceremony. Intention develops awareness and will in us. Not one wind will be fair if the ship does not know where it is sailing.
Could there be harm?
At the heart of Rapéh is, as mentioned earlier, tobacco, which as you know, can lead to dependence, so you should not abuse Rapéh like any potent medicine.
What else can the Rapeh ceremony give me?
- You will feel emotional relief
- Finally turn off your mental centrifuge
- Ground yourself and deeply relax
- Will help you see your life path from a new perspective
- Personal insights and understandings are possible
Who is not suitable for a ceremony?
- Pregnant
- For those who just want a new experience
- Those who do not have due respect for the process
How long does the ceremony last?
The Rapeh ceremony itself takes from 30 to 60 minutes. After the ceremony, I separately conduct sound healing or meditation for an even deeper result. So the whole process takes an hour and a half.
I tried RAPÉ Ceremony with Maria, and it's worked very well for me, helped calm down my mind and healed me. Thank you Maria for amazing experience and strongly recommend for everyone who need fast out from negative mood and stress
Мне посчастливилось попасть на церемонию Рапэ. Ощущения просто непередаваемые. Супер. Реально успокаивает ум и разрушительные эмоции прежде всего. Почувствовала саму себя и сделала важный шаг в принятии и понимании себя. Огромная благодарность Марии за представленную возможность. Обязательно повторю ещё не раз.
Very useful and supportive ceremony, very deep effect. Peace of mind.
I participated in a RAPEH ceremony for the first time back in Australia many years ago. It was a life changing experience for greater focus and clarity. I thought all RAPE was the same, little did i know there are many different types of RAPEH with different benefits. I decided to try it out again as many friends in Cyprus and overseas rave on about its benefits. Wow was I socked to experience an even more profound state with an even deeper sense of calm and focus I have never felt before. Kudos to Maria and her many years of experience with Sharmanic RAPEH practices.
Посетила короткую сессию исцеления в первый раз с Марией! А получила большое и профессиональное целительство и психологическую помощь!
После посещения Маши - жизнь пошла по другому! Спасибо большое Мария за большую помощь и открытие во мне многих талантов!
Before i had session with Maria i didn't believe in myself and i was so afraid to changes in my life, i had a lot of negative thouts in my mind. It was hard to get target and plane it. After two sessions just look at me. I started have energy. I started be more happy. I am not afraid anymore. And i know everything is possible and there is experience! I strongly recommend you. Try!
I believe there are times in your life when you can become stuck and just don't know how to break free or move on from such times or dark clouds. It was at a time such as this in my life that I came in touch with Maria and she offered her skills and time with rapeh to help me break free from this dark cloud that I was holding. After having some discussion and explaining my story, Maria was able to choose the right medicine and therapy to aid in healing my blocks. She chose from a variety of rapeh to best suit my needs and with a gentle but powerful setting with music administered the sacred rapeh.The process was gentle to begin with as the spirit of rapeh will ease and guide you into yourself , like diving deep into your own subconscious so that you can see where your blocks and causes lye. There is a purge and energetically an instant release . I felt better but still felt the need to delve deeper and so gradually Maria offered me Different types of rapeh in strength that were able to take me deep down into my very own being so as to clean and dislodge this dark clouds or energy I was caring and holding. It can and was a difficult process at times but with each inhale the breath and mind eventually calms and finds it peace. I left quite exhausted but managed to sleep well that night, and the very next day felt a new man once again, looking out into life with zest and appreciation. Full of gratitude to Maria and to the world. Maria is equipped with a large bag of skills and knowledge of working and channeling with the spirits of these medicines and she really helped me. It's been a few days since our meet and I'm still feeling great and clear of my onward journey. I can honestly say that in this petit woman lyes the soul and spirit of a Almighty great powerful healer and teacher. Her knowledge of the plants and their healing potential is Vast. I thank her , thank her again and thank the world for bringing this amazing woman for us to share her skills, energy and knowledge to help heal. Much love light joy to her and all. X
It's been 24 hours since the Sacred #Rapèh ceremony I had the opportunity to attend and words are truly poor to describe everything that happens during that #Devine Ceremony. If I'm allowed to say something this would be a big thank you to the spirit of Rapèh, Maria and Kiry.

They offered me what I needed to see. The ceremony took place at a very peaceful place and I had to admit that even before the starting point of the actual ceremony the #vibes around me were more than just #harmonious. It was the first time I attended a ceremony and I am speechless. Everything and everyone in those few hours were there for me.

"Life does not happen to you but it happens for you" is a quote from Alan Watts. And that is exactly what I experienced yesterday. So thank you Kiry and Maria for your effort and your kindness and thank you #spirit of Rapèh and mother Ay… for the catharsis and the wisdom you taught me.

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